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Thread: wmv file help

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    wmv file help

    I just installed mandrake 10.1. I am trying to view wmv files. I downloaded Mplayer, unzipped it, ran ./configure ok. When I type make it stops half way through saying two of the directories don't exist. So I tried to get the proper plugins for xine which seems to be part of Kaffine. Forgive me if im wrong I have onlly had linux for a week. I try to compile the xine plugins and they all say im missing zlib. I downloaded 3 zlib rpm files. I click on them and they pop up and say save file or install. I click on install and the window closes nothing happens. I can' t seem to install anything because im always missing something. When I get the things im missing they won't install because im missing five other things and so on. Im wondering how anyone gets anything installed in mandrake. Please help!

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    Use rpm's for dependencies, they are way easier to manage...
    after you found the RPM for your need, simply type urpmi /path/tofile/filename

    Here's a tutorial on how to set your URPM
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    Thanks for your help. I managed to get a few things working. I still have a lot of problems were even the rpm won't intall becuase its missing a package that I just installed before it. I was trying to install zine but I think I got enough of the library files to get it up and running so Im ok.

    Maybe you can help me with my screen resolution. My screen always looks blurry and I don't know were to start with that. I have an ati all-in-wonder card and a regular monitor.

    Im also looking for a virus checker. I know linux doesn't really have virus problems but Its still possible to pass on infected files if you can't scan them.

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    one more question. I want to use my capture card with linux but mandrake won't recognize it. Ati makes drivers for linux but they are for xfree. From what I have found on google it looks like they stoped using xfree for mandrake 10.1. I was wondering if there is a way to get it to work under 10.1 or if im out of luck.

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    mplayer ships with Mdk 10.1!

    It uses a Kaffeine frontend by default but it's definitely there and handles all of my media, doesn't seem to be crippled. It should be on the install disks.

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