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    Oracle Intelligent Agent and DBCA

    Do these work under Mandrake? Every time attempt to start the Intelligent Agent, I keep getting the message below.

    [oracle@DELL_LINUX bin]$ agentctl start

    DBSNMP for Linux: Version - Production on 05-JUN-2005 14:41:16

    Copyright (c) 2003 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Starting Oracle Intelligent Agent.../opt/ora9/product/9.2/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156: 8182 Segmentation fault nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $* >>$DBSNMP_WDLOGFILE 2>&1
    /opt/ora9/product/9.2/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156: 8195 Segmentation fault nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $* >>$DBSNMP_WDLOGFILE 2>&1
    /opt/ora9/product/9.2/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156: 8207 Segmentation fault nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $* >>$DBSNMP_WDLOGFILE 2>&1
    /opt/ora9/product/9.2/bin/dbsnmpwd: line 156: 8219 Segmentation fault nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbsnmp $* >>$DBSNMP_WDLOGFILE 2>&1
    .[oracle@DELL_LINUX bin]$

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    Apply the patch from
    See bug/patch 3238244 for more information.

    Then relink dbsnmp. This is the binary that crashed when you start agentctl. To find which makefile handles the linking of dbsnmp, you can run:

    $ su - oracle
    $ find $ORACLE_HOME -name "*.mk" | xargs grep -l dbsnmp

    then relinked dbsnmp and all associated executables which are maintained by the makefile:

    $ su - oracle
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/lib
    $ make -f install

    Now you should be able to start the agent

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