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    Oracle 9i Installation in Mdk 10.1

    Does anybody here know how to install Oracle 9i R2 in Mandrake 10.1 ?


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    What errors/problems do you get? (presuming that you are asking this question after a failed install, and not pre-install)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dylunio
    What errors/problems do you get? (presuming that you are asking this question after a failed install, and not pre-install)
    No errors at all.

    I configure all it environment settings, put a bigger swap 1Gb and configure my kernel parameter as instructed in Installation notes. When I click the NEXT button in welcome banner nothing happen same with the EXIT,HELP and INSTALLED PRODUCTS buttons.

    No errors in the logs. What did I miss here?


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    I'm getting the same problem. The installer will start but the buttons don't do anything. Anyone find a solution?

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    I had the same problem.

    Turn NumLock off and it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbob

    Turn NumLock off and it works.
    Thanks a lot jimbob


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    installation notes for mandrake 10.1 and oracle 9i

    Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to install an oracle 9i on a mandrake 10.1. As I can see some of you have succeded ! Could you give me the installation notes for this linux version or give me the link please.
    Your help would be much appreciated !


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    Oracle 9iR2 Installation in Mandrake 10.1 is not hard at all. Here's how I did it.

    1. Do the pre Installation procedure like setting of kernel parameters, oracle environment, etc ...

    2. Do not downgrade your Binutils !! This is not RedHat

    3. Oracle will not compile with GCC 3.4 you need to install the following:
    its included in the CD

    4. Make your default gcc to be /usr/bin/gcc-2.96 by going to /etc/alternatives
    # rm -f gcc
    # ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-2.96 gcc

    5. Set your Num Lock off or your Next button will not work.

    6. Now you can run Disk1/runInstaller

    7. From this point it will be smooth sailing except for the DB Asssist installation just ignore the error and create your DB from script.

    8. After installation you can return your GCC to a higher version.

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    Oracle 9i Installation in Mdk 10.1

    Tks but what's the pre-install procedure with kernel environment variables ... I found a procedure for mandrake 9.2 but not for mandrake 10.1...

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    Oracle 9i Installation in Mdk 10.1

    Its almost the same.

    Here's my simple configuration:

    as root:
    set the shared memory segments and semaphore sets by using the sysctl command.
    # sysctl kernel.sem
    # sysctl -w kernel.sem="250 32000 100 100"

    to make it permanent include the following line to /etc/sysctl.conf
    kernel.sem=250 32000 100 100

    as oracle:
    set the following environment variables :
    export ORACLE_HOME= <oracle_home_dir>
    export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/oracle

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