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    Going to install mandrakelinux, so I'll go ahead and ask the almost-as-old-as-which-linux-is-the-best-old-question: Which should I choose; Gnome or KDE? Which is more stable, memory/processor consuming, buggy, etc?

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    Again it is personal choice, I prefer KDE to GNOME, but others prefer GNOME. GNOME is the slightest bit lighter I thibk, but they both run at the same speed by now (gnome used to be faster).

    I'd try both an pick the one you like best;

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    I also would recommend KDE (personnal flavor) as it includes MANY applications I eally like
    SuperKaramba, Kaffeine,... only to enumerate 2
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    Why choose now? If you have space, why not install both? I'm not sure about Mandrake, but in Fedora, with both installed, you can choose before logging in to a graphic session, and you can choose which one to make your default 'this week'. Biggest problem with KDE, though, is making up your mind with all the other choices it will offer. Have fun!
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