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    Installing software

    Every time I try to install software with RPMs on my Mandrake 9.0 there are unsatisfied dependencies. Then when I try to install the necessary libraries - those have unsatisified dependencies. I'm trying to install RealPlayer 10 for Linux but it needs gtk2. To install gtk2 I need about 5000 other libraries.

    Is there anywhere to download one comprehensive package of libraries.

    I'm ready to smash my computer to pieces and then kill myself by smashing head through the screen, but I feel bad about releasing the heavy metals into the environment.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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    first of all i would like to juste update ur urpmi database then try to install realoneplayer .
    u just have to do :
    open a console , loginas root then copy the following codes to the command prompt ;

    urpmi.removemedia -a
    urpmi.addmedia rpmhelp with ../base/
    urpmi.addmedia --update updates with ../base/
    urpmi.addmedia MandrakeClub with
    urpmi.addmedia unsupported with
    urpmi.addmedia Macromedia with
    urpmi.addmedia Drakian with
    urpmi.addmedia main with ../base/
    urpmi.addmedia contrib with ../../i586/Mandrake/base/
    urpmi.addmedia plf with
    urpmi --auto-select --no-verify-rpm --auto

    This will update ur urpmi databse list and install what any packages that needs to be installed so that ur system would be upto date .
    It could take a while for it to complete depending on ur connection speed.
    If it's finnished then try to install ur real one player

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    Hey carlos, do smash your head against the screen, it helps you understand that linux is learning the hard way. I learned that the hard way, as redundant as that may sound.

    Now, about your issue: usually you can get the necessary downloads from the software manufacturers for the libraries needed to run the app you got from them, i know cause when attemping to install audacity, i could download the other 2 libraries required to run this program. I quitted actually, cause i never got it to work, so i just smacked my head against the wall. Monitor's too expensive.

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    Is their a way to install a player with urpmi?


    Thanks for you're help. Unfortunately most of the links don't work.They don't exist.

    The auto select command did launch what seemed to be a very thorough hunt and install of files from many sites. Which gave me hope.

    But when I tried to install RealPlayer again but it STILL needs gtk2 which still has about a half dozen unsatisfied dependencies each of which I'm sure has 2 or more unsatisfied dependencies and so on.

    What I don't get is that I have the Gimp and it works fine, so I must have some version of GTK.

    Is their a way to install software using urpmi so that it automatically seeks the unsatified dependencies and installs them?

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    ok , try to use rpmdrake , go to menu -->sytem -->configuration--> packaging--> install software
    then the alphabetic radio button to list all th epackages in alphabetic order and search for gtk2 and install it may be i could work.
    But normally if u update ur urpmi , it should install all the necessary packages .
    by the way are u using AMD platform or intel patform , because the links i gave u was ifor intel patform.

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