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    10.1 few questions- open office / speed / windows

    As a total newbie to linux - I've managed to install 10.1 on an old K62 500 64mb laptop. and have a few questions.

    1. I've installed Open Office and it is running in something other than English (possibly Catalan which the install process told me it must install language support for) - how do I get this back to English.

    2. I was expecting it to run slowly 'cos of system spec, but it takes anything from 15 seconds to 3 minutes to launch an application (which I'm sure it shouldn't) - any suggestions on that (there appears to be a 484mb swap file set up duing the install process - if that has anything to do with it)

    3. I'm obviously used to running windows, and so am looking for equivalent features to scandisk,defrag etc... where can i find these???

    Thanks in advance - I'm sure I'll have loads more to ask.


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    Hi and welcome,
    You may add packages by inserting the cd. you will need to log as root.
    Just select the language/s you would like.
    Now Mdk 10.1 is a potent system on a older computer. The typical OS in win world for that pc would be 98'. Same in the lin world. i would have suggested a older version of Mdk or other and then patch it. However, lets not go their. Try a diff. window manager like blackbox, enlightenment or at most gnome. If you do not have these you may add them from the cd.
    scansisk & defrag you will not be needing. unlike the windows os which includs the page file in the os unix/linux creates a page file on its very own partition. It also knows were to put things back.
    just a little more to add: you may add more by urpmi. do a search or ask for more help if you need it. this is the link here
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    You don't have to defrag or scandisk linux. It's much more sophisticated then Windows in how it manages the HD.

    As for speed, try the top command. It'll tell you what's taking up the most CPU time. (man top for much more detail)

    *EDIT* I just read this K62 500 64mb.

    OOo will definitely take >2 minutes to start in either KDE or Gnome. Sorry.

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