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    nmap new version can't run as root

    I'm hoping that this is something simple that I'm overlooking.
    I logged on as joe_user and downloaded and extracted version 3.75 to that user's home directory (within X). I opened a terminal and su'd to root, entered that directory and ran ./configure && make && make install. I didn't get any errors on install and thought everything was good...except;

    When I run nmapfe (or nmap) as that user, I have version 3.75, but limited permissions - when I run the same as root, I'm still at v3.50 with full rights.

    root owns /usr/bin/nmap and nmapfe:

    Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.


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    Linux Engineer Giro's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Try running /usr/local/bin/nmap as root I think then it will be version 3.75 root might be picking the old version.

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    Linux Guru sarumont's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    It doesn't strike me as correct that you were able to make install as a user. Are you sure about that? It seems that wherever the make install put your new nmap is in root's $PATH after /usr/bin/nmap (or wherever the 3.5 binary lives). Check what Giro suggested and try running a make install as root.
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