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    Cannot type anything into text fields in KDE, also cannot dr

    OK, I really desperately need help now. I downloaded and installed all the disks of Mandrake 10.1. That was all fine.

    Now, I can't drag windows. When a window is open there isn't a bar at the top (like in windows) which lets me drag it, and have the minimise, maximise and X buttons in the top right hand corner.

    This is a pain.

    Secondly, whenever there is an input field, it won't let me type into it, for this reason, I have come back into my Windows boot to ask for help since I can't type in my internet connection settings into the input field

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    The part about windows with no header bar is kind of disturbing. Sounds like a corrupted X windows install...

    For entering text, your situation sounds similar to but still different from another one, so I'm not sure if this will help:

    Do ctrl-alt-F4 to get a text screen.
    Enter 'killall gpm' to stop the program that runs the mouse in the text screens.
    Do ctrl-F7 to go back to the graphic screen.
    Do ctrl-alt-backspace to kill the X server. The X server (graphic screen) should restart automatically.

    Did that help, at all? If it does, it's because of a conflict between two different components that listen to the mouse and the keyboard. The preceding steps will only apply for the current session, so a reboot will restore it to it's previous condition, but other changes can make it permanent.
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    Try using GNOME. I heard that the version of KDE that is bundled with mandrake 10 is bad...I also had some problems with it. If gnome doens't work, I'd just try reinstalling...

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