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Thread: NTFS???

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    In Mandrake 10.1, does it have NTFS support? I've read a few things, and they confuse me into thinking it does have NTFS support.
    If it has NTFS now, I want to switch from m$ because XP sucks. If NTFS is not supported, I cant switch as I will not be able to save/listen to my music/movies (all 100GBs of it).
    If it has no support built-in, is there some way that I get support for it without a lot of work? I'm a noob to Linux and have only used it for about a week untill I couldn't stand not having all my music, so I don't trust myself tampering with it too much to get ntfs readable/writable.

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    NTFS is a matter of your kernel. If it does have NTFS you will be able to do:
    mount -t ntfs /dev/hda3 /mnt/windows
    for example. Or it will say "partition type ntfs not supported by kernel". If that is the case, then you will need to recompile your kernel to support it. A good kernel compilation guide can be found here:

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    ok... now what?

    I installed Linux, and I did the "mount -t ntfs /dev/hda3 /mnt/windows" as root. Now, how do i access it? Can I add more than one drive? I have 4 windows partitions across 2 drives.

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    You access it the way you access the rest of your files. Throu konquerer or whatever you've got, or thrugh the command line.

    You can add other windows partitions if you mount them in other places e.g. /mnt/windows1 etc

    You can creat these new mountpoints with
    mkdir /mnt/windows1
    hope this helps;

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    I get:

    There was an error loading the module KFileReplace.
    The diagnostics is:
    Library files for "" not found in paths

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    what are you trying to do when you get that error?

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    i get it when i...

    when I try to access the mounted drive, when i click on "Home" on the desktop, and a few other things, can't remember what all it does it on.

    Thank you so much for the quick replies!!

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    nevermind that last thing

    Ok, nevermind that last error thing. Solved it. Now, for mounting these other drives?
    I have 3 partitions on 1 hard drive. its 160GBs, and I dont know what the heck I'm doing. How do I mount it? i assume something like "mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows1" but I dont know what to change in that because it says the drives are all mounted.

    Please Help!

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    another update...

    I got the NTFS drives mounted, they show up in /mnt/ but when i click on them, nothing happens. Now what?!


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