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    Intel 536EP v92 Modem


    Can anyone guide me on how to get Mandrake 10.1 to recognise my Intel 536EP v92 Modem.

    I'm new to Linux and although the rest of the install went fine and I can print, I cant connect to email or the web. Linux looks good but the modem doesnt show in the hardware recognition programme. Consequently I cant make a connection.

    I've spent hours on this and I'm close to a reformat and windows reinstall.

    So before I fling the install discs ........please help


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    if its an internal (PCI) modem then you'll probably have to install a driver for it. You want to do a search on LINMODEMs. And if it's a Lucent chipped modem, check this guy out :-

    have fun


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    What error message are you getting? I have the same modem and had it installed. Download the driver that is in an archieve on the intel web site.
    There is a readme in the archieve that you need to print and go step by step.

    My modem had been removed since I am using DSL now but I'm thinking about installing the modem back into Mandrake 10.1.

    You are lucky with that modem. It's a winmodem and Linux doesn't like most winmodems. However Intel was nice enought to supply a driver. Most companies won't even do that.

    I remember I had some problems install the bugger too. I got an error message when Mandrake started up but it still worked.

    My advice to you is : type out the readme in the archieve. Go step by step and let us know what works and what doesn't.

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    Thanks Charles, but after looking at the read me files and trying my best for hours and hours and hours on end I've decided its just not worth it. Life is just too short and I'm not in the first flush of youth.

    I'll try something easier and far less impertinent and exotic than expecting Linux to recognise a bog standard modem......y'now something offering more liklihood of success like say, (and this is a sign of my utter exasperation with Linux) trying to understand women.

    God bless all those clever fellas developing open source but gee whiz it aint supposed to be this way.

    I have reinstalled Windows and as God is my witness I'll never load linux again.

    I appreciate your time mate.

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