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    Quote Originally Posted by aarsalo
    how do you access the audio cd's.
    you will need a library called libaudiocd as well as an approriate "Player" (XMMS, KAFFEINE,...)

    ALso what does supermount mean
    I dont know he exact explanation, but it reffers to an "automount" method used since kernel 2.2 (if not mistaken) that will automount the drive without having to call the "mount" method... Could be wrong

    Also my floppy drive does not work
    Please provide more information on the nature of the problem

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    it gives the same erros as the cdrom dirves
    and yes I belive that it does automount

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    both cdrom drives are supermounted that I know for sure. so is the floppy drive but does this allow me to just to double click on the icon to acess them or does it recuire more. I do only have Mandrake 7 on my computer I might be loading 10 soon if I get it. But I would still like to get an answer.

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    I know can use the dvd and the floppy but I still can't use the cd r/rw drive. I do not know why the other 2 work though. THe floppy drive works only white linux floppy's is it posible to read windows onces. Also is 7 to old to use usb keys

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    I still need help with my other drive since it will be a while till I go to 10.

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