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    Install Mandrake-Keep Windows

    Hi. I have recently downloaded the DVD version of Mandrake, and was wondering how I'd install it without overwriting Windows. I was looking at Wine, but I don't have an x86 processor. So, I'd like to know how I'd go about putting Mandrake on and not having to reinstall Windows. Then, I'd like to know how I could choose between them at startup.

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    Re: Install Mandrake-Keep Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by couppi
    I don't have an x86 processor.
    Hmmm I am pretty sure about this, but windows only runs on x86 processor... as for WINE, no need of it if installing windows is the only thing your interested in...

    1. Do you have multiple partition?
    1.1 if not, get something like partition magic and make another partition ( at least 10-15 Gb) to hold mandrake.
    1.2 if yes, make sure you can use this partition, if the things that is under this partition can be flushed, your good to go

    2. put in the DVD of MDK (Mandrake) and tell it to install MDK on the other partition. ( it will repartition the partition into 3 ) (swap, / and /home)

    3. if you want to "share" read/write access to file over the 2 platform, I suggest you make another partition that uses the filesystem FAT32. Both Windows and Linux can read and write to it... Linux native filesystem isnt writable by Windows & NTFS isnt writable by Linux.

    4. x86 is regular processor standard, Inter and AMD uses this architecture. i386, i486, i586, i686 are all x86 processor type.

    Dont hesitate to ask if you require more information
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