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    Newbie Video Drivers Help

    OK please help me iam a total newb and know nothing else but somple vi and never used linux before iam just starting.

    OK i want to install the Nvidia drivers into my PC so far i have downloade the driver and went to run the install sh (Nvidia Driver). It runs a verify and then give me the error

    "ERROR: You appear to be running a X server; please exit x before installing. For further details, please refer to the etc."

    So ive read the install help and thats got me even more confused ?

    can anyone plese tell me if anyone else has created any instruction that i copy paste and run in console line by line to install thesse drivers.

    Many Thanks

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    hehe you need to install the nvidia drivers from a lowerlevel than the 'x' runlevel to do this do this in a root shell/terminal/console
    init 3
    this will take you out of 'x' to runlevel 3 then run the installer then type
    init 4
    or an some distro's it is
    init 5
    to get back to the 'x' runlevel (gui)
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    Thats the trick

    Ok next probem, now iam allowed to run the installer i select Yes to agreement then it gowes to install and says some info about kernel source checking at nvidia. Then none found and give some message like Kernel-Sources must ne installed to ruin this installer or something.

    So anyways this is what i done, i typed

    urpmi kernel-source

    Then it said " Already INstalled EVerything"

    so now iam lost, anyone else had this problem iam running Mandrake 10.1 and a nvidia 5200 video card

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    PS hold oon

    I just say the other post abou thte same thing on nvidia so iam currently installing some other kernel source files oranyways how that step by step went so anyways hang on everyone till i try it ill message back to ya

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