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    Keyboard and Resolution Not Working

    First of I would like to say hello. I'm new to these forums and I'm also new to the world of Linux and all its distributions. Please be patient with me since I am completely new to this.

    So I decided to install Mandrake Linux becaue I am enrolled in the Computer System Technologist program which requires me to run assembler compilers using UNIX. I got tired of having to do SSH all the time and I installed VMWare on my WinXP Pro install. I figure that I'm gonna have to learn how to use linux at some point so it might as well be now. Bottom line I want to be able to run the compiler on my computer.

    Here is the scoop. I installed Mandrake with no errors but when it booted and it finished loading my screen was cut into four separate messed up sections. I surfed the web for an answer and I totally rewrote the X86Conifg (Im not sure abou the name now) file to reflect what the file should read for a Sony PCG FRV25 laptop according to some people online.

    Now the X thing (sorry about 'thing' but I can't remember what the Xthing is, I'm guessing it's the GUI) doesn't come up and all I get is the Logon prompt. When I attempt to type in my username and password my keyboard produces some funky characters for some of the letters IE when I press 'm' I get something else.

    I'm assuming that this is a simple configuration issuse to do with resolution, refresh rate, color quality and keyboard type but I cannot get it right. I'm not even sure if editing the X86Config file was the right place to start.

    I've searched the forums here but I've been unalble to find anything specific for my laptop. Please help and thanks in advance, cheers.

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    Hi mate.
    depending on the current configuration, your keyboard is probably under another language thats all... it can easily be changed under the XF86Config file.

    You will need to login as root and change the line that specifies the keyboard language... (look if the keyboard is "azerty" instead of "qwerty" if so its the french keyboard... no worries)

    once you've login, get this command cat /etc/X11/XF86Config and post it here so we can give you a hand with the display.

    your problem with the login prompt, is due to 2 things... you init is running with the option "3" or Xserver is crashing... under the command prompt, you can type "startx" to start Xserver again...
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    More Problems

    Well I start-up using the fail-safe option which brings me to the sh prompt. When I try to login as admin or with the other account I created it tells me that the login is incorrect; I am sure that my username and password is correct because I wrote it down when I created it.

    I opened the XF86Config and I tried to post the information here but I don't know how to copy and paste a file from within Mandrake that is running on VMWare. Any suggustions?

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    Trying Again Using Virtual PC

    I've installed Virtual PC as my virtual machine now. The neat thing it that at the end of the installation it asks me and allows me to test different monitor types with different resolutions.

    The problem is that my video card and monitor type are not listed. I've tried several configurations but everytime I test I get a messed up picture.

    So, if someone could tell me what settings to choose for a Sony PCG FRV25 laptop for the video. I'm not sure what the screen model is because I have not been able to find it but I know that I have an ATI Radeon IGP. Thanks in advance.

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    Some Please Help

    I've create a Linux boot disk so that I can run Linux from my cd-rom. I did this so that I could determine what settings Linux should have.

    When I use the cd-rom to run Linux everything boots correctly; the resolution is good and so is the keyboard.

    So what I would like to know is what settings I need to find in this bootable Linux and transfer it into what location on my Mandrake version.

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    ok if ive got this right
    you've got Virtual pc running mandrake which doesn't work
    but it does work if you ignore Win? and run it from boot

    so you either need to set it up to run grub/lilo or the settings need to be changed to
    use the VM. i've see vmware in the options for xorg when chooseing a graphics card in setup or harddrake. if this isn't right the generic ATI->Radeon should be right.

    the monitor should fust be
    generic-> flatpanel->1024x768


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    No you have it wrong.

    First of I am using Microsoft Virtual PC not VMware. My professor suggusted that I burn a copy of knoppix and run of that; then take a look at the settings that knoppix has picked up and use them to configure Mandrake.

    I did that and knoppix booted with no problems but I don't know where to find the settings and how to change them on my Mandrake install? Thanks in advance.

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