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    Installing Mandrake over Fedora Core

    I installed fedora core x86_64 on my athlon 64 machine a while back and have been unable to get my wireless network working with it. I have an unbranded wifi card without linux drivers and none of the fixes suggested to me work as its a 64 bit machine. I've tried out Mandrake and as I don't use FC I thought I'd give it a try.

    So two quick questions. As I already ahve FC installed what do I need to do to get Mandrake to install 'over' it. It seems to me as if Fedora Core has a custom boot loader (or is it just a customised version of a freely available one?), will Mandrake deal with this or should I purge my system of FC first? Secondly, does anyone have any experience of Mandrake with wi-fi. I know it says it has good support but so did FC and that didn't work. Will ti work off the bat or will I have to use something line ndis wrapper? Oh btw I've got the 32 bit version just in case.

    Any help/advice anyone can give would be greately appreciated.

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    As for installing Mandrake over Fedora, you don't have to delete Fedora first. Just go into the Mandrake install and have it write over the partitions that Fedora put there. Also make sure in the post-install configuration that Mandrake overwrites GRUB (the bootloader used on Fedora), so you can boot into Mandrake.

    For the wireless card, you'll probably have to use ndiswrapper to get it up and running.

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    Cheers Sether, I'll give it a try later today if I get the chance.

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