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    web browser REAL slow, downloads normal / 10.1

    I just installed 10.1, everything did fine. I opened konqeror, the internet worked, but was REAL slow. I have a 3 megabit cable modem. So I downloaded firefox, it downloaded at its regular 300kb/s, but the pages loaded at about 5 kb/s. Any idea what could be causing this?

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    I have a couple of ideas...

    1) Are you using Community edition? There was an MTU bug that cuased random pages to load really slow. If it only happens w/ certain pages and you're using Community, then that could be it. The solution is to ungrade.

    2) Does it load quickly once it's found or just take a long to time to load period? If could be DNS issues.

    3) I don't use Konq, check the various settings found in KDE Control Center.

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