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    unable to install plzz help

    i have compaq presario SR1235IL model desktop pc
    i recently downloded mandrake10.1 official and tried to install it in my pc
    when i kept the cd and restarted after that it is promting me to press enter and if i do that after some time it is simply restarting doing nothing
    i faced the same problem with fedora core 3
    but with the same cd s my friends could happly install them into their pc s when i called the manufacturer for support he said that the machine will not support linux and cant give support i alredy have win xp on my pc
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz any one help me installing mandrake

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    If you have a AV software such as Norton running, please uninstall it temproarily as it doesn't like anything which plays with the boot sector. This could be why your PC is restarting without doing anything (It happened to me).

    Does your friend have a "Brand Name" PC (IBM, DELL, HP etc) or is it a home-made system? I ask this because some brand name systems prevent people from installing other OS's.

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    hi alex i entirly romoved the os and tried to install linux but un able to install my friends pc is an home made one and mine is an hp compaq presario sr1235il model desktop

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    When you removed, the OS, did you remove the recovery partition most manufacturers include with their PCs? I think this could be why the linux just reboots.

    Makesure everything is gone on the disk before retrying to install. format c:/u won't work, it is imperative that the recovery partition goes too.

    Also if it is possible, try putting another (old?) hard-disk into your PC and see if linux can get to the install stage on that disk. This is to make sure that the Compaq/HP bios allows for the installation of linux.

    Let me know how you went.

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    hi alex with the help of acronios partitionmagic i enterly deleted the partitions ,cleared data on it and formated with ext3 format in primary partiton and also a linux swap partition but it didnt work so there might be problem with bios can u plz help me

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    If you have any USB devices plugged in, please unplug them to install.

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    Try the USB suggestion of jeremy1701. Make sure that in your BIOS, the primary boot device is your first CD-ROM drive. The only time I have had Linux restart on me like that is on an old machine whose CD-ROM did not allow bootable media.

    Also if you have a floppy drive, make a boot floppy for Mandrake under windows, insert this floppy into the drive, restart, and make sure that the floppy drive is the first boot device in the BIOS and cd rom is seccond boot device. Then proceed to install.

    Good Luck.

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    hi jermy i dont have any usb devises plugged in

    hi alex can u tell me ho to make bootable flopy of mandrake under windows how can i do it with out installing mandrake

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    hi iam giving my hardware profile this may help to suggest me

    System Model
    Compaq Presario 061 PP018AA-ACJ SR1235IL FD440 0000411LX101GIOVA10
    System Serial Number: INI44202R3

    2.80 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
    8 kilobyte primary memory cache
    512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
    3.15 08/05/2004

    main circuit board
    Board: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Gamila/Giovani/Neon series 030
    Serial Number: 4911696748
    Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
    BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.15 08/05/2004

    23.84 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
    9.96 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

    HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4481B [CD-ROM drive]
    3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

    WDC WD400BB-22JHA0 [Hard drive] (40.02 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WCAMA1263737, rev 05.01C05, SMART Status: Healthy

    memory modules
    248 Megabytes Installed Memory

    Slot 'A0' has 256 MB
    Slot 'A1' is Empty

    Standard floppy disk controller
    Intel(r) 82801DB Ultra ATA Storage Controller-24CB
    Primary IDE Channel [Controller]
    Secondary IDE Channel [Controller]

    Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller [Display adapter]
    COMPAQ 7500 [Monitor] (15.7"vis, s/n CNC4382741, September 2004)

    bus adapters
    Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD
    Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C2
    Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C4
    Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C7

    Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC
    Network Card MAC Address: 00:11:09:76:853

    other devises
    Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
    PS/2 Compatible Mouse
    USB Root Hub
    USB Root Hub
    USB Root Hub
    USB Root Hub

    i collected all this information with balarc advisor

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    Feb 2005
    To make a boot floppy of Mandrake under Windows, all you have to do is insert a blank floppy into the drive, insert the Mandrake CD 1 into the CD-Rom drive.
    Then goto Windows Explorer, Select CD-ROM drive From Memory I think it goes like this:
    Goto the dosutils folder,
    Double click rawrite or rawwrite (It doesn't matter which one)
    When It loads, select the image source as D:\Install\Images\cdrom.img (Where D is your CD-ROM drive)
    Let the program write the image.
    Leave Floppy and CD's in the Drive
    Press Del or F1 (Depending on System) to get into Setup
    Make Sure Floppy is 1st boot Device, and CD-ROM is 2nd Boot device
    Save and Exit
    Mandrake should hopefully start the installation process.

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