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    MD 10.1 on older machine ...............


    I'm running Mandrake 10.1 on an older box: Pentium III 450mHz, 12GB hdd, 64mb RAM.

    What is going to help me more in getting Mandrake to run faster, processor upgrade ro RAM upgrade? My swap is at 2GB.



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    You could probably just use a lightweight window manager and not need to upgrade anything - it'll save you some money.

    But if you must, I'd go with a RAM upgrade. And 2 GB for swap is probably overkill.

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    Sether is right. A light weight DE is the best thing on a low resources box. Mdk offers IceWM as it's lightweight DE. It may already be installed. When you get to kdm (that thing where you sign in), see if IceWM is included. If not, it's an easy matter to install it and a few associated packages you'll also want. From a terminal as root:

    urpmi icewm icewm-themes icepref
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