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    How to connect to internet from Mandrake 10 ???

    I just installed mandrake 10.0 and i have an adsl at home which is using pppoe connection or whatever. i made all the set ups from gnomes control center but i couldnt find the dialup program.

    i installed the kppp from the cd but its very complicated and there is no set p for adsl s i think.

    pls help.


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    ^mans for setting up your asymetric DSL with linux

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    that link is nothing more than a story. sorry but didnt help...

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    Mandrake 10.2 & Inet connect

    I have a Mandrake 10.2 setup using a DWL510 wireless adapter. Using ndiswrapper, this
    card works very well except in Mandrake 10.2 the same initialization code I've always used
    creates wlan0 and i dhclient returns a a good connect. However nothing... mozilla, firefox, seamonkey etc will not connect to the internet. I know this thread is quite old but I'm hoping to get a hint as to what I can do to make this Mandrake puppy connect to the Inet.


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    In the browserbar, type:
    then type in the appearing filterbar
    and set "disable ipv6" from false to true with a double click on the value. Does it work then?
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    ... also consider using ping which is a simple but powerful tool. For example:

    ping - or try - ping

    That way you're working independently of using a browser for a while.
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    Thanks guys for your quick responses.... I tried both true & false with the ipv6 thingie but it
    did not change anything. I tried both suggested pings .... got a good response from both!!
    I hope this means my connection is OK. My knowledge of Linux & network are sub-noobie
    so I'm really lost.... I have disabled the on-board LAN in my BIOS... had a connection problem with WINXP but never in Linux. Is there some obscure FIREWALL thing that might be getting in the way ??? I've not been able to find any reference to firewall in the menus.
    This is my first bout with Mandrake so I'm still feeling my way.
    Do appreciate the help. This booting distros to communicate is a real PITA.


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    Take a look at your /etc/resolv.conf file. There should be some DNS server entries, different from or If not, you should try to add some DNS server entries there as root/administrator. Also start the MCC (aka. Configure your computer). Enable from the top menu (preferences) the expert-mode (don't remember if that feature was already there in the 10.x versions). In the MCC, you can check if the firewall is enabled and if it is configured okay.

    Also: edit your /etc/modprobe.conf file. Add the following two lines to it (after the other "alias" entries):

    alias net-pf-10 off
    alias ipv6 off

    Getting a positive ping is a good sign. Now we only have to fine-tune the stuff. If these steps dont help, then you should tell us if your networking device has some internal firewall that perhaps blocks things or if the MTU/MRU settings got altered somehow. Using factory defaults should basically always work.

    Edit: How have you set up ndiswrapper? I hope like that link (and sublinks) explain:
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    This post is being done with Firefox under Mandrake 10.2... I wish I could say what specific action fixed it but I don't know. I played around with the ipv6 thing both true and false and did not get around to checking all the other suggestions you guys made.
    I did compile a modem (dialup) driver which was not related to the Internet challenge.
    I did re-boot and later on I went thru my usual script to load ndiswrapper, do iwconfig
    to configure my card, and last a dhcpcd to get an IP. Nothing different except...
    when I tried Fierfox it worked. !! Konqueror also works.... I do intend to save thes posts as I can learn a lot from the suggestions yu guys made.

    Thanks again for the help and incentives.

    Ted in Atlanta

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    It might have started working because you restarted Firefox. Konqueror is usually the first thing to start working if you have a good connection. It's an excellent little browser imho.
    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

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