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Thread: User accounts

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    User accounts

    How can I manualy create user accounts, wihtout using the useradd command? I think is has to do with modifying the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, and /etc/group, but am not sure.
    Any help would be great!

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    You COULD add users manually by modifying the /etc/passwd file, but useradd or adduser (depending on which Mandrake uses, I don't remember) is a better method. The Control Center will even set the defaults properly for you if you use it, making it possibly the best solution.

    If you just want to learn what the tools are actually doing, then I always recommend using the proper tool and then taking a look at what has changed in the config file.
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    user accounts

    Ya, i know how to use the adduser command, i just have an assignmnet question that wants me to give step by step instructions for doing it manualy without using commands. I'll try your advice about looking at the changes in the config files, that should do it i hope.
    thanks much

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