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    i've downloaded and successfuly installed and configured the drivers for my BT Voyager 100 modem from the eciads website. I followed the instructions to the letter several times, but i still cant connect. Any google searches take my round in circles on this one. I of course have limited experience of linux, but buying a different type of modem etc is not an option.

    I have a problem with synchronization. The log is as following:

    setting up USB support (1/5)..

    loading firmware (2/5)..

    ECI load 1: failed
    ECI load 1: success
    firmware loaded successfully

    setting up modem (3/5)..

    ERROR reading interrupts
    ECI load 2: failed
    failed to get synchronization

    I also tried with all the .bin files within the suite, but it didn't
    work anyway.

    Has anyone got any ideas at all?

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    I had the same problem setting up my voyager 105 it was driving me nuts. The quickest and easiest way is to buy a adsl router and connect it to your computers network card if you have one installed, if you dont they only cost a few quid.
    The way I've always set up the broadband via the network card was, YaST -> Network devices -> Network Card -> Change configuration -> Routing button, as the defaulte gateway put in the IP of your ISP's server, and check the 'Enable IP forwarding' box, and then save and finnish, then open konqueror and try
    It was the best #35 i ever spent
    Hope this helps

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    hi, i came across an old ethernet card for my laptop, its a dell 10/100 base tx 10/100. i dont have any connections though, and to be honest i dont really know what i'm doing. my main pc has an ethernet card installed, so will i be able to share the connection? if so, what type of cable would i need, because the dell ethernet card i have has a very small thin connection at the end of it. cheers

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    with the 2 comps having ethernet cards you should be able to connect both into the router and share the connection (some one please corrrect me if im wrong)
    My router came with a lead already supplied i think they are CAT5 leads but if you ask in the shop they will be able to tell you better.
    I was getting problems in windows with my router but was able to install my usb modem for windows and let the router take cars of linux, to do this you will need 2 micro filters

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