I just bought a Mandrakesoft Globe Trotter, which apparently comes with
Mandrake 10.0. I'd like to run a Fortran-based building simulation tool,
ESP-r. Parts of the user interface require gcc and g++ to compile also.

To compile the Fortran portion of the program, I need to install g77.

I started by installing gcc, then gcc-c++ using urpmi and the rpms that
are in /mnt/packages/Mandrake/RPMS2. (This is gcc3.4)
This all went relatively smoothly.

However, I couldn't find any g77 package on the Globe Trotter, so
I hunted around and found gcc-g77-3.4.1-4mdk.i586 on rpm.pbone.net
Once downloaded and added to my urpmi database, I tried installing it,
only to get:

# urpmi gcc-g77-3.4.1
Some package requested cannot be installed:
gcc-g77-3.4.1-4mdk.i586 (due to unsatisfied libf2c[== 3.4.1-4mdk]) (Y/n)

Googling on liff2c hasn't shown any missing rpms, although the
gcc-g77 rpm is supposed to provide something called

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? If it's not
painfully obvious from the above, I have precious little linux
experience, and haven't used Mandrake at all in the last few years.