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    Linux, Last Attempt at installations...

    I installed Mandrake 10.0 today, and I am experiancing major problems...

    This is the 4th time I have installed Linux on a machine, and the 4th time that I am about to give up...

    I created the images of Mandrake, and then started install. I have a USB mouse, and it failed to recognize it. I put a non-USB mouse in it, and it still failed... I installed it without using the mouse, and it loads. I went in the Mouse config utility within KDE and after I was done, it said to restart XWindows. I dont know how to restart Xwindows, so I just Restarted the machine. When it was done restarting... I was left with a blue screen, and a red mouse prompt. The mouse didnt work. Nothing else was on the screen, just blue.

    Alt-Tab switched between Desktops was still allowed,
    Ctrl-Tab also worked, but showed no more applications

    Dont Know what to do... Would really like to learn unix, but the task has been so daunting.

    Please Help

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    Ok big_green_jelly_bean but we need more info but first:

    YOU CAN install linux really you can. I was new to Linux last year. I bought an old PII with 64 mb of ram and a 3.1 gb hrd drive. I installed Fedora 1 first time and then deleted that and installed MD10 on that, but I realise there was some luck involved. The ram is now 128mb and it runs better now. I now have fun trying different distros. and I am certainly not a computer expert.

    Incidently, in case this is all you now need to get going, you can usually start X windows by typing 'startX' at the prompt.

    In case that doesn't work please tell us the brief specs of your machine ie, processor, amt of RAM, sound card etc and whether or not you are trying to install MD10 on a hrd drive shared with Windows or on it's own hard drive.

    Soetimes, the disto itself simply doesn't suit the hardware and then you will have to try a different one.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    also, you may want to check in your bios, the configuration of your mouse. Is it a laptop or a desktop?

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    If you want to restart x-windows from a gui, all you need to do is press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and this will restart x-windows. Note, you will need to login again.

    When you put the non-usb mouse in, I am assuming you put a PS2 mouse in. If so, did you put it into the correct port, linux can sometimes be fussy. From memmory, the mouse should go into the green coloured port.

    If nothing else works, reinstall with the most generic mouse that you can find and select the default mouse configuration during the install. e.g 2 button PS2 mouse with or without a scroll wheel.

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    Hi everybody,

    concerning the problem with the mouse and sometimes with the other hardware components too, it could help if you would enter your BIOS and under menu "Chipset Configuration" or similar, change the value "PnP OS" or "Plug 'n Play operating system" to NO. Normally it is configured YES and that means that your operating system does all the configuration with its Plug and Play support.

    Sometimes, that doesn't work correctly and it is better to let BIOS do all the configuration necessary. To achieve that you have to choose NO by this option.


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