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    Complete Linux newbie cannot get into Mandrake?!

    I've just installed Mandrake Official 10.0 on my system. I have a Nvidia Geforce FX 5500, and the test in post installation does show me the rainbow on the screen. After installation, I reboot my pc and it takes me to the lilo prompt. I select to load Linux and it starts to load, but then my screen goes black and nothing happens. Anyone knows why this is? I've entered linux under safe mode and tried to start kde and gnome from bash, but it comes up with error messages and says things like cannot connect to x server or cannot find display "". When I try to start the x server by typing xstart the screen just goes black like it did before. Can anyone help me??? Many thanks.

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    Well I had the same problems in the past, but I cant remember the answer at the mommnet so I'll give more hints that you can try. First It my be the frequency of the monitor try to change it (I dont think this is the problem).
    2. Try to add this in your /etc/x11/XF86Config> look for the "driver=nv or nvidia" and in the next line add Option "NvAGP 2" or "NvAGP 0" or both.
    it should look something like this>

    Option "NvAGP 2"
    Option "NvAGP 0"

    the add this in /etc/modules.conf

    alias nvidia /dev/nvidia*

    and if this does not work download the drivers for you graphics card (for nvidia Another thing, you CANT start the X server under "FailSafe" see the runlevel. To start the X server you MUST be in runlevel 5.

    this is all I can think of. Hope you get the X server UP.
    I asume that you have nvidia graphic card. For ati, dont have any idea..

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    Thanks for your help. I have tried what you've said, but I seem to still get the same black screen. I have already tried installing the latest driver. When I did it went a bit crazy during installation. For some reason it kept switching between the installer and the command prompt and all these weird characters appeared on screen when I tried typing stuff. This is rather frustrating!

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    Re: Complete Linux newbie cannot get into Mandrake?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Crackerjack
    I've just installed Mandrake Official 10.0 on my system... When I try to start the x server by typing xstart the screen just goes black like it did before. Can anyone help me??? Many thanks.
    This is just a full of hope quickie but did you really mean 'xstart' rather than that just being a typo becuase if you meant that then that wld be part of your problem because it is actually'startx'.

    I'm really hoping that that is all that is wrong in which case you might be then all right

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    nah i meant startx, couldnt remember which way it went, but MIsTeRIoZ was right about needing to be in run level 5. Still doesn't seem to work tho. Even the new drivers didnt seem to work.

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    You need to append nvidia to the /etc/modules.preload file, it is incorrectly set to nvidia agp

    Just remove this reference. I'm assuming you have loaded the nVidia driver from the website?

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    yer, thanks. i didn't need to do that but I've sorted it now, so thanks for all of your help guys! (and girls)

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    Glad you got up and running.

    What worked for you...just so the next guy can do a search and find the solution?
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    Well I installed the newest drivers and then edited /etc/X11/XF86Config.
    Changed driver from "nv" to "nvidia" and added:
    Option "NvAGP 3"
    Then I edited /etc/modprobe.preload and added:
    And finally I edited /etc/modules.conf and added:
    alias nvidia/dev/nvidia*

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