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    Hmm! Not really true, since "vi" does its command sub-sequent.
    I.e. From your example, first we'll write to the file, if this fails, the command sequence will stop, if write works ok, then we'll quit.

    Just do a quick test by
    touch slask.txt
    chmod -w slask.txt
    vi slask.txt
    (insert junk text)
    esc -> :wq
    You shall and should get a warning message here that states it was impossible to save you're changes.
    Hmm! Correcting a few things here,

    is actually an abbreviation of :wq

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    Interesting swemic, Its just in my experience that no errors have come up and the file hasn't been saved, but you don't know this since it ha closed, but it might have been a borked version of vim

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    Hmm! Must have been, because I have used vi for quite a long time of period now. (Hmm 10yrs or something like that)
    And it has always worked like that for me, BUT, as there is for a lot of editors, you are able to configure your vi quite much. Which makes it powerfull, and I can't speak for all distros hwo they have packet vi with preconfigured macros and stuff like that.
    So it might be so that you hit a vi where this controll where set to disable.

    So to end up this "off topic thing", I can agree with you that the most safe way is to do it your way. I.e. do the save, then quit

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    Now I am totaly confused!!

    Thanks for the replies. Have tried Dylunio,s suggestion and it all turned to S..t!! Can anyone suggest a good setting to set the graphics while loading MD 8.2 so I can change the settings within linux, while it is loaded. This command line thing is still a bit new for me. Still learning about were linux puts things and their prospective directories.

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    Mdk 8.3 was my first distro but I can't remember whether it came with XFdrake. From the command line as root run:

    And see if it comes up. If it does, you just might have to really play around with the configuration until something works. Try to find something close to your monitor and video card. Also, try the different versions of XFree86.

    If I may make a suggestion: Mandrake 9.0 was, in my opinion the best version of Mandrake ever. If you can get a hold of a copy, I know it has XFdrake, plus a lot of other features that 8.2 doesn't have.
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    Just listening to you guys is an education all in itself.
    I can see I am going to learn a wholesh*tload here.
    Thanks guys.
    BTW, I couldn't install nano, it wasn't included in the distro, but I did manage to edit my xorg.conf and XF86conf files using the information that was written into the XF86conf.old file which I found in the /etc/X11/ folder. it took me a moment or two to realise I needed to type "i" to get the insert to work.
    Oh and does anyone ever say anything at all in IRC?or is it just for lurkers.
    Ta much.

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