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Thread: cpu problems

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    cpu problems

    i searched round for someone with a similar problem but seems it does not often happen.....
    ive installed linux four times since i got it 2 days ago...the first time the problem was that it would use 100% of cpu while doing notyhing.....i formated and reinstalled ..had some other problems formated etc...
    now ive installed it everything is perfect except that im back to my first problem ....right from the second it logs onto the kde environment (from that dos looking thing after lilo) you hear the cpu fan go like crazy ....and the gnome cpu monitor device says my cpu is at 100%....but no application are running....atleast non that ive started and the only thing that shows as "active programs" is something which i guess is the kde environment and the cpu monitor tool....
    please help...i love linux .......apart from all these problems.....

    im on a laptop intel 3.4ghz with mandrake 10...
    by the way when i log onto windows xp...which i am also running on my laptop there is no problems....

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    Well, does this slow down your other applications? When you try to start anything, is it at a normal speed or super laggy and slow?

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    heh dum i didnt mention this....

    well not really its strange.....everything seems fine but eventually the fan turns so fast ....and the cpu gets really can feal the bottom of the laptop is uncofartable to touch....which is not normal....i usually have it it on my lap...with no sensation of heat.....

    and i also have to mention the second time i installed mandrake i had the same problem then i my bios setting....the fan to automatic instead of continous and for some reason the problem was gone....eventually something else cropped up though.....but now it doesnt matter what i do with the fan.....

    man you guys are really quick.....great....thanks for it

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    the problem is the heat my old computer would shut down if it got too hot,....but mine doesnt apparently...and i dont really want a melt the fan noise is too loud to work with......i mine it can be tolarated for few seconds while rendering an image or put in another room as i ecode films...but to work with constantly....i would rather stick to xp......gaaassspp

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    You should check out the "top" command, that will give you a clue on which process is using all your cpu.

    top - 14:04:23 up 21:18,  3 users,  load average: 8.30, 8.23, 8.23
    Tasks: 130 total,   1 running, 129 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
    Cpu(s):  2.8% us,  0.7% sy,  0.0% ni, 87.9% id,  0.0% wa,  8.6% hi,  0.0% si
    Mem:    903856k total,   440592k used,   463264k free,    40684k buffers
    Swap:  1084348k total,   117584k used,   966764k free,   216776k cached
    11441 root      16   0  162m  12m 148m S  4.3  1.4   1:54.75 X
    11690 mian      15   0 26068 9360  18m S  1.0  1.0   0:04.28 gnome-terminal
     4617 root      15   0     0    0    0 S  0.3  0.0   0:59.84 usb-storage
    11593 mian      15   0 45516  22m  24m S  0.3  2.6   0:35.94 smb4k
    11751 mian      15   0 75208  37m  34m S  0.3  4.2   1:22.71 firefox-bin
    This is just a short cut from my Laptop, and it shows a bunch, but I'll see that the most consuming (for the momen) process is "11441" which is the X process.
    Try pressing "shift-M", and you'll get processes sorted on memory usage.

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    I have Linux on an older P3 with 256mb of ram, and i notice that while the computer is doing absolutely nothing the ram usage is over 200mb!!! and if i try and play a higher quility video (dvd quality) its extremely choppy...

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    thanks will try that with that swemic...thanks for the help.....

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    ok great ...making great strides forward...heh

    i can see from the top command that something by the number 3875 is using 98% of my cpu....under the command column it says kdeinit

    how do kill the greedy bast#%d

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    If you want, you'll be able to kill this certain process directly in "top", just hit the "k" buttom, and type the process-id, try first with Signal 15, if the process whont die, do it again, but now with Signal 9.
    If it still fails, do a "su" and restart "top"

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    its weird that its something to do with kde cause the problem is also there when i log on with gnome or the other one.....cant remember the name....

    ok should i try shut the process down using the system monitor oir is this dangerous...

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