10.1 official. recently, i tried installing a sound card that i had sitting around. when i booted, it got to the "updated escd" . but then when it should do the boot loader, all it said was 9999999999999999999... so i figured that something happened to the boot loader. so i put in the rescue disk, and tried reinstalling the bootloader with the rescue tool, but it wouldnt work. so then i decided to install without touching anything on it to get the bootloader. it worked, but when i tried to log on as my main user, it wouldnt. i had to make some files and directories modifiable and it worked. but then i noticed xfree was under user root(along with some other processes), instead of my normal user. it was taking like 20-30% cpu,but the cpu monitor was 100%. even when i log on as root. i guess using the install disk just to get the bootloader on was a bad idea. have any idea how to fix it?