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    MCC and Mandrake Users Managment Tool to create/modify users

    I am newby here, so be gently. When I setup my Mandrake box, I create myself a user account called chriml2. I noticed I dont have..what you would call "Administrative rights" or full control.

    I attempted to change this by logging into KDE as Root and opening MCC and the Mandrake User Managment Tool. I proceeded to make my user chriml2 apart of every group.

    Would this be a smart move or should I make it apart of a single or couple of groups to ensure I have full access when logged in as "chriml2"

    any help would be appriciated.


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    When it comes to Linux you must forget all that 'you can do anything you want' you had in Windblows.
    It is not advised to login as root, firslty you could delete any file you wanted, and that could bork the system rathert a lot, also if you are online as root, and a hacker got into your box, you could be in serious trouble.

    When you are loged in as your user you can use such things as the terminals to be root in, do if you need to run a program as root, you can go into a terminal and type
    and then the rootpassword, and then to start a program like apache webserver type
    httpd2 -k start
    and it will start.

    I don't see much problem with adding the user to all the groups, apart from maybe the root group (if there is one in MDK)i could be a bit dangerouse.

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