Please note that redistributing the following Mandrake products is not permitted under Mandrake licensing, these products are shipped with non-free software and may NOT be re-distributed freely:

  • Power Pack
  • Power Pack+
  • Mandrakelinux Move
  • AMD64 Edition
  • Power Pack DVD Edition

To quote the Mandrake legal FAQ:
# 7.Can I distribute Commercial Products for free?
No. Certain third party software, not governed by a free software license, is bundled with commercial products. Additionally, you may not use the Mandrakesoft name, trademarks and logos (which is our business responsibility to protect), without prior agreement.
At the present time, you may redistribute any Mandrake products that are freely downloadable from

Asking where you can obtain warez copies of the above listed products (and all other warez trading) is strictly against our forum rules, violation of which may result in posts/threads being removed, you being given a warning, or in repeat/serious cases you may be banned.

Now thats the official statement made... heres my thoughts. Some companies like Mandrake depend a lot on the revenue generated from selling extra products or services. That extra revenue often finds its way back to improving and maintaining the freely downloadable products. Without the sales of these products, and by you pirating this software you are hurting the future development of GNU/Linux in general, and also the specific distribution in question, so please, come on guys, dont do it.