i have an hp pavilion 6736 pc that is running mandrake 10.1. all has been working well. recently i found a sound blaster 16 on clearance, and picked it up because my on-board audio is horrible. i tried to find a way to disable my on-board audio before installing the card, but it doesn't appear i can... there's no option in the bios, and there's no documentation regarding jumpers that i can find. anyway, i installed the card hoping mandrake would detect both cards and i could select which one i wanted to use.

however, now when i boot i get checking for new hardware [failed]

the odd thing is... the soundblaster card works! in kde, under arts... xmms and kmix and everything else seems to play to it just fine. however, harddrake still lists my old sound card, and only my old sound card.

there's no problerm in functionality, because i can use the card, but i'd like to get everything installed properly and the error messages gone. any ideas?