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    Wireless question (and a few others) guys must get so tired of "I just installed Linux for the first time and..."

    Well, I wish I was part of the solution, but nope...I'm part of the problem. Anyway...

    I just installed Linux for the first time and everything went okay. But I have the computer in my basement. I'd like to move it upstairs, but that would require a wireless set up.

    I'm a bit nervous about going out and buying any old wireless card. I have no idea what to expect. Do all brands work with Mandrake? Should I be aware of anything?

    Two other quick questions...
    --I downloaded Firefox, opened it, and used it for a while. But after I closed it, I had no idea where to find it. I don't know where it was saved. Can someone point me in the direction of where I might find it?

    --The machine seems to hang when shutting down. I eventually just hold down the power button. I guess this could be a hardware problem.

    Anyway, thanks in advance. Looking forward to getting into this whole Linux thing...

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    Regarding FireFox, just go to a terminal and type

    regarding the Wirless I found that people have got D-Link DWL-AG520, 3Com 3CRDAG675, Netgear WG311T to wpork in linux, but don't quote me on if they will work with MDK, but they *should*.

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    I'm with you on the my computer hangs when I try to shut down club.
    Dunno why though... beyond its something to do with ASLE or somethink like that.

    And it would appear that Speedtouch USB Wireless clients don't work with Linux. So don't get one of them.

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    Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll give them a try.

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