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Thread: Web server ...

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    Web server ...

    Hey guys !

    I installed a Mandrake (10.1 if I remember correctly), I wanna run a Web server, I ticked the box during the install and the server obviously runs (when I go to localhost or my IP, in my browser, I get the page "congratulations, your web sever works ...") and I found the location of the page so I will be able to set it up right, but only as root. I would love to be able to have pages such as for my users but I don't how, a litte search on the internet made me try to install drakw which provides wizards for all those servers, but still, even if I make a directory in my /home/user I get this message :
    You don't have permission to access /~fanda/ on this server.
    (yes the right of the directory are fine ... : 755)

    So can anyone help ?

    Thanks a lot ^^

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    do you have a seperate user set up for visitors of your website?

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    What do you mean ? I tried to reach the web server form another machine on the network and it works (i also get the congratulations stuff ...)

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    and do you get the accessed denied error from the local network too?

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    fanda, you have to configure your .htaccess file to let you view /~name, you might want to look here the stanza you need for letting access to /~fanda/ is
      <Directory /usr/users/fanda/public_html>
    Order Deny,Allow
    Allow from all
    i think.

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    And where am I supposed to do that ?

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    In the cupboard under the stairs probably. nr Aylesbury
    In the terminal shell.
    Or you could do it in the permissions module in the MMC which is found by going to start>system>configuration>configure your computer, then choose security and click on Permissiions.
    Check the security levels too if they are set to high in basic (which they probably are if you installed with the intention of runnning an hhtpd server) thenit will try to disallow changing access rights, this is changable in the system setting i think but being a newbie too, I am a bit iffy there.

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