ok i finally get mandrake to install, but now when i reboot it says kernel panic:no init found. Then it just freezes. There is a list of about 4-5 items on the boot list. and i have tried all of them and only one seems to work. and im kinda concerned about that because all of them but one say kernel panic when i try to boot them and it freezes and i have to hit the power button. Im currently booted but i think that i may have problems later down the road. Like earlier i wasnt able to shutdown (atleast without presssing the power button). I typed this in the terminal.

shutdown -h now
And then it would go all the way to shutting down then it would make the sound like it powered off but it didnt. ANd then i tried rebooting after that about ten minutes later and then it just kinda hung there at the verbose screen thing.