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    No Telnet access

    I'm having trouble accessing my mandrake system via telnet. (Over a LAN) I've been doing some C and C++ programming on the system by telnetting from a Windows machine. I had no difficulty with RedHat 6.0 and once I moved to RedHat 9.0 I was able to log in...for a while. One day, without rhyme or reason, I was suddenly unable to telnet into my Linux machine. I thought it was the RedHat installation as I'd played with it ...a lot. So I installed my copy of mandrake 10.1 community over it. Guess what. Still no telnet access. I'm assuming it's a windows problem, but I can't find it. I can telnet to another windows machine w/o problems. Plus I have SMB set up on my mandrake machine and can browse my windows drives from Linux and vice-versa. I'm missing something. What is it? Please help!

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    you need to open up port 23 in your linux firewall

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    I think that by default telnet has been disabled in both MDK 10.x and RH9.x

    I would really encourage you to consider using ssh rather than telnet, due all security flaws with telnet.

    A free of charge ssh cilent for Windows is PuTTY

    just to make sure I am not wrong about my above statement, do
    netstat -na |grep ':23'
    I would imagine that you will not get any reply from that command, if this is true, telnet is disabled on your Linux

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    I also recommend dumping telnet in favor of SSH (had to edit the post because I got beaten to saying that while I was typing, by the way). SSH creates an encrypted session, whereas telnet does not. I think SSH uses port 22 by default, so if you make the switch, keep in mind you'd have to open that port.

    In Mandrake, by the way, I think there's a simple "check-box" configuration tool for the firewall in the Mandrake Control Center where you can configure which services are allowed to connect to that box.
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