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    cpu frequency control

    ok i tried changing the file in proc ,i think it was called throttling, so that it would have an "active" cpu speed lower than the maximum.....they had them in percenrages.... i couldnt change it.....even though i had logged myself on as root in the console......and in the console it said i didnt have permission to access that file......hey as a root cant i do everything i want to.....
    i then tried the program cpufreq and even thouigh i throttled the cpu its frequency remains at maximum...maybe i have a misunderstanding of what throttling means.....
    how can i lower my cpu speed so that i do not need the fan sound of a nuclear power plant going just to read some web pages.......

    oh by the way im on a laptop with a p4 3.2ghz and mandrake 10

    by the way i havent managed to do this in xp either but when i turn off the ac and it loads up by battery the cpu speed is 2ghz.....nice and quiet ....and i only really need that xtra speed while doing movie encoding photo editing etc

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    you could try a program called speedfreq

    it has an easy to edit config file which lets you set up a powersave plan.

    This config file (at least with gentoo) is in : /etc/conf.d/speedfreq

    the file is edited and tells you what the options are.
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    Have you tried installing all of the acpi tools from the installation disks and enabling acpi in the lilo configurator? You should then have a nice native control for cpu throttling in the system tray, and you can have preset performance profiles in place, not to mention ad-hoc CPU throttling. On the other hand I would restore the throttling script you modified to the was it was before.

    If you use the acpi tools you need to run a setup application from within this , or at least give execute rights to all on the acpi scripts. It talks you through it. This application is referred to as KLaptop in Mdk 10.1 but I think it was just called acpi something in Mdk10

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