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    how to create root after installation

    hey i just got linux mandrake 10.1 from a friend and while installing i didnt know i needed to make a root password and user or whatever to install stuff so i left it blank so can anyone tell me how to create it thanks later

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    Login as root with the blank password and use passwd.


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    the thing is idk know how to login into root im a newbie to linux

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    Try this:

    Open up a console/terminal type window.



    Then when it asks for the password, just press enter. Then type:


    And it will prompt you for a new root password. Enter it, and problem is solved.


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    Quote Originally Posted by paxnoctis
    Try this:

    Open up a console/terminal type window.....
    You can't open a terminal window until you get into X windows for which you would have to login....

    So to do something like paxnoctis suggests, when you get the X windows login screen, press ctrl-alt-F3 (or F1 or F2...) to get a "text mode" console screen. Login as root, enter nothing for a password to get logged in. Then you should be able to enter 'passwd' and create a valid password. To create a user account, check the manual pages for both 'adduser' and for 'useradd'. There is a subtle difference between the two, but I'm afraid I don't know what it is.... To get the manual page, at the command line, enter 'man adduser' or 'man useradd'.

    Once the user account is created, press ctrl-F7 (no 'alt', and only 'F7') to get back to the graphic login and log in under the name of the newly created user.

    And if you can't do any of this, maybe you need to boot with a live CD and edit the file /etc/passwd by deleting the first "X" on the line starting with "root" to delete the root password. Then start from the top in this post.
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    thanx guys got it all fixed up got root off the hidden user list by logging into manager after i had created the root password

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    Keep in mind that it's generally a very bad idea to log in as root...using su or sudo is much better. In addition to opening the terminal and using the passwd method, you can modify user account settings, passwords, etc. in the Mandrake Control Center (it's the Configure My Computer icon in the Configuration menu). Take a look around the Mandrake Control Center if you haven't can do just about anything from there.

    By the way, hit this site and it will walk you through how to add software sources so that you can pick up some stuff not included with Mandrake (add the contrib source and plf sources):
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