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    No KDE = No GUI! Help!


    I just installed Mandrakelinux 10.1. I did the 3CD install and it all went fine. It asked me for a fourth CD with KDE on it but that was nowhere to be found on the mirror sites. Now all I have is command prompts!

    I'm a Windows guy trying this Linux thing out. How do I get a GUI on this system? I went to KDE's site and they had nothing for Mandrake.

    Please help.
    Thanks so much.

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    But that's just me .


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    That would be fine with me too. I went to the site and had no idea what to download. Any help with that would be great.


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    Just reinstall mandrake with gnome selected.

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    So does that mean that GNOME is part of Mandrake?

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    GNOME is on Either Disk1 or Disk2. I installed the DLed version (3 CDs) and I use GNOME without a problem.


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    Thanks a ton guys. I really appreciate it. I'll post if it worked or not.

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    Anything else I need to know as long as I'm reinstalling?

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    In the install options I checked off all GUIs to install. When I setup a user, the only options I have are sh and bash. No KDE, no Gnome, nothing. What now?

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    Hmm. Wierd. You went into 'Graphical Environment' and checked GNOME and all of it's subpackages?

    Did you not install Xorg?


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