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Thread: MDK permissions

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    MDK permissions

    I could really use some help, I'm making my first adventures in Linux and was reccomended Mandrake by a friend, and then chaos ensued. got it up and running with out much problem and thought I should update my graphics drivers and then the thing went for a s#!t.

    I have a Ti4200 from nVidia and using the instructions from "" I have gotten to step 4 but trying to alter the files "modprobe.preload" and "xF86Config" is a bit challenging. I get a write error that asks me to make sure I have permission and the file is not write protected and the disk is not full. The only thing I can figure is I don't have permission but I made my loggon part of the root group and also tried to set a custom permission for my loggon.

    EDIT-- Running MDK 10.1

    any help would be great


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    Permissions are a bit hard to get used to at first. Windows lets anyone who can find the on switch have their way, so there are advantages with having user permissions. You can get root permissions with the "switch user" command. A normal user usually has a $ for the prompt and root usually has a # for the prompt, so to use the command, at the command line, do this:
    [user@hostname user]$ su -
    [root@hostname root]#
    By following 'su' with 'space dash' you will "switch user" to the root user, in the root directory and you will have full permissions. To quit from su, type 'exit' to go back to the normal user.
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