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    Amarok player problems

    I have recently installed Mandrake 10.1 on the second hard drive to check it out. Most apps have been working but one strange thing happened while using Amarok player. I dragged a file into the play list the should not be there, normally you would get some message saying that file can't list in the play list. It was a lot of html listed, I did clear it out, but after that everytime I try to open Amarok I would get the splash screen and then I message to type amarok in the konsole, then I would try to open amarok but nothing happened, later that night I clicked on a musice file and about 10 minutes later amarok started playing. I later turned off the computer and when I booted up this morning, I clicked on amarok and the same thing happened, I even uninstalled and reinstalled it but that made not difference.

    Is this a bug in amarok or a bug in Mandrake. A few people mentioned to me that Mandrake is buggy, it seems that all linux distros are buggy in some way.

    Any clues to get amarok working again and to get Mandrake to work smoother?

    Thank you.

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    This might sound dumb, but have you tried using Amarok from another user account? I had some of the buggiest things happen to me on one install of Mandrake (whole sets of programs wouldn't execute, multimedia players sometimes crashing, xmms... well it just came up and then froze everytime). Anyway, the point is that I was able to fix half of these by creating a new user account. Also, are you using 10.1 community edition or official? I had big problems with community.

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