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    Network Connection

    How do we connect to the internet by using Mandrake 10.1.
    I'm using sbc yahoo dsl

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    It should be automatic. When the system is starting (in verbose mode) do you see the eth0 interface start up?


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    No. I just installed the OS today

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    Reboot the system and, when the Mandrake splash-screen comes up, press Escape. Watch your services start up and see what error (if any) the 'eth0' interface brings up.

    Also, as root, do an ifconfig in the console and paste the results here.


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    Everything seems ok. But I can't use the internet.

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    In a console, type:


    Let me know the results. Also, in your console, get root and type:


    And paste the results here.


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    Whats the console :o

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    Also called Terminal. If you're using Gnome, you should see it as a litle picture of a CRT in the quick-launch tray. If you're using KDE, you might have to look. But if you find it, it'll be a text box that will say something like:

    [dan@saidin dan] $

    Except with your name and machine-name. Once you find it, do this:

    [Type your root password]
    [Paste what prints out here to a message here]
    [Paste what prints out here to the same message]


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    I can't do the ifconfig Wierd.

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    What error do you get?


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