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    No Operating System Detected

    Okay, I'm stumped. I spent weeks leading up to installing Mandrake Linux 10.1 studying websites and reading mags and getting myself all psyched up and ready to go linux without the training wheels of Windows and installed Mandrake Discovery 10.1 yesterday...3 times...and again today 3 times.

    I install it, go through everything it presents, configure all items and then it says remove cd and reboot. Which I do, and then it says, "No Operating System Detected".

    It's a Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop (but I intend to network the house which has 3 pc's and another laptop [which will run on windows xp {my husband's office won't let him change anything}] and probably my pc in France, if everything runs smoothly).

    I have checked the postings in here and on 2 other linux websites and haven't come up with the same problem. So the question is, "What am I doing wrong"?

    I'm going to try again tomorrow, so I'll be checking the site for any help offered.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Sounds like maybe you didn't install the bootloader or perhaps you install it in the wrong place. Since this box will only by running linux, install lilo (the boot loader) to the MBR. You don't have to a whole new installation, you can put in the disk, enter rescue mode, and re-install the boot loader.

    Let us know if that works.
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    No Operating System Detected

    Dear Jeremy,

    Thanks for that info but I know I did install Bootloader in MBR (the first part of MBR which I think is just the first partition on the HD). Having said that, at least now I know where to start looking for a solution.

    I have a meeting at 11:00 GMT (about 5:00 a.m. in Wisconsin, I think) so will try again after that. I really want to get up and running with Linux. I've just finished a networking course (CISCO - very, very, very annoying - they demand an 85% pass mark on their CCNA exam - what do they think they are - brain surgeons! No one needs only a 15% margin for error in respect of computers.) Anyway, I want to get away from Windows with all its crashes, cost, viruses, etc. and teach my kids that not only is there a better OS but use it, learn from it, add to it and move forward. So Linux, here I come.....

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    Re: No Operating System Detected

    Quote Originally Posted by crystalflute
    ...and teach my kids that not only is there a better OS but use it, learn from it, add to it and move forward. So Linux, here I come.....
    Good attitude. Hoping you can find a quick solution, if not you might want to try a different distro. Some distros install easier in some machines than in others. If you create a Grub boot floppy you may be able to boot to that and find your boot files to get started. And then you can set up Grub at the MBR with the floppy.
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    Yeehah!!!! UP AND RUNNING WITH MANDRAKE LINUX 10.!!!!!!!

    I fixed the "No OS Detected" problem - I'd like to say with skill and expertise but that would be lying so I'll have to stick with the tried and trusted "Trial and Error Method" that has been used by millions (or is that minions?).

    I actually bought my copy of ML from Amazon (24) and I couldn't figure out why everyone in the forum was saying it came with 4 disks, etc. 'cause mine came with 3 disks and a manual (small, and probably only helpful if you already know what you're doing). Anyway, as I mentioned earlier I installed, uninstalled and reinstalled several times and always got the 'no os detected' message back.

    On my last attempt I left cd3 in the cd tray and rebooted. Went into BIOS and enabled both cd and hard drive boot up and hey, presto....lights, whistles, bells, action....okay, I'm lying again, it was just my laptop coming to life with Mandrakelinux rather than windows.

    My son said he liked the desktop better than windows (so do I but I've got a thing about stars...) Anyway, I'm now playing with it and seeing what's on it and playing with it and hopefully today sometime, I'm going to try to get online with it and download a game ('cause I am a sad computer geek who can't function without some form of febrile entertainment available for when I'm not involved in much headier matters. So, wish me luck before I go out and convert the world - well my little corner of it...LINUX & BEYOND>>>>>>>

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