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    Installing Mandrake Question...

    Hi there got another question for the pros...

    A freind of mine wants me to install Mandrake on his Compaq Presario desktop computer, im sure it will be compatible with it??? its 2.1ghz celeron... anyways he has xp on his computer now and he was wondering if any of the files could remain on his computer after installing Mandrake or would they be erased during installation??? any ideas???

    Thanks in advance,


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    no, in order to install it, it will have to earse the hard drive, unless you are going to keep xp on it also

    looks like he will have to find a back idea (removable media?)
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    tell him to try a live cd like Mandrake Move or Morphix.

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    Thanks guys... but what does a Live cd do??? i have no idea, and how does it work??? thanks.

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    A liveCD boots from and runs off a CD. It never touches your harddrive. Some livCD's will allow you to mount your hd so you can access the files, and some will even save a file of the config changes you've made so that you don't have to make them again. However, some liveCDs don't do this, and as such you can't change the configs. They're really quite limited in what they can do.

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    Basicly it is a full working set of Mandrake. Its more or less a CD for evaluation weahter you wish to run Linux or not. Or you could see it as a subfunctional Linux installation, the backside is that you will have some issues to install new software, but then you will be able to run without a need to install Linux upon you current disc system

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    Tell your friend to adjust the partitions to free up some space e.g. 10Gb. (using partition magic or similar program) Leave the free space as it is (do not create partition on it)

    Run the Linux setup, when it askes where to install the system, choose the option - free space on disk. Then the linux will install into the free space and will create a boot loader to allow your friend to choose to boot into Linux or windows.

    Done this on a few computers & work ok.

    Have fun

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    I agree,

    If your friend wishes to keep his XP,
    just leave about 5 - 10 GB oh his hdd (make a separate partition of course),
    and during the isntallation of Linux,
    the wizard will automatically detect the new partition,
    and you can select the partition, so the Linux only install on that partition.

    It's just like having dual-windows,
    It worked just fine, I have W2K and Mandrake on the same hdd.

    but probably some notes :
    in my first attempt to install Linux and W2K,
    I install Mandrake first, and W2K second...

    something wrong happened that...
    Windows didn't detect the present of Linux and thus,
    I can't log into my Mandrake...

    Maybe it was my mistake in the installation or something but...
    Windows REALLY pissed me off...

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    Windows does not like being on anything but the primary partition in my experience. There are some good tutorials on the net ITR but with mandrake it is really easy.

    Defrag the Windows partition well and good
    Boot the Mandrake install disks

    You get the option to
    • use existing partitions
      Erase entire disk
      Use the free space on the windows partition
      custom disk partitioning

    I always choose custom partitioning 'cos it gives me full control but use free space will also allow windows to remain.

    check out Mandrake documentation, it is pretty good (for installation):

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