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    Mandrake startup issue

    Hey everyone, i have a rather annoying problem.
    Im using Mandrake community 10.1
    amd2400/512 megs of ram/nvidia geforce 5200 fx, sb128, gigabyte k7 triton motherboard.

    During startup, about 4/5 times, the startup will stall on
    Mount USB filesystem
    if i kill it, using ctrl+c, it just stalls agian on the next item. Using the mandrake control center, im unable to find what this service is (nothing even resembles it)
    however, failsafe works perfectly (which i would hope would

    Any ideas on what this service is, and a) either how to fix it from stalling out every time, or b) bypass it entirely

    thanks in advanced =)

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    Edit your /etc/lilo.conf and add acpi=off to the line regarding normal Mandrake bootup.

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    wow fast reponse, ok added, rebooting now to see if it works =)

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