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    US Robotics modem

    Have a new USR modem for kppp. The modem is listed under hardware in Confiqure your computer and has Linux compatible on the box.
    Instructions are:

    Launch a terminal session.
    Create a symbolic link for the modem using following commands:
    cd/dev <enter> I get "Command unknown"
    rm modem <enter>
    ln-s ttySX <enter>
    Type Minicom <enter> start Minicom
    The modem initializes under Minicom, type AT <enter>

    I get stoppd after "command unknown"
    Tried this with root and not root. I phoned USR, they have no time for me. Tried the kppp configure, stops at initialize.
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    Hmmm, strange instructions! Try

    cd /dev (notice the space)
    rm modem (remove the file called 'modem')
    ln -s ttySX (I don't usually use this command, so suggest you type man ls and read up to check. It should maybe read ln -s tty SX or all the other possible combinations - detective work needed!).

    ./Minicom (assuming that this is an executable)
    ./AT (ditto - see above)

    The commands they have supplied won't work as they've left spaces out etc. Customer support for Linux is usually poor or non-existent

    Before you do any of this type ls -al in each directory to list files/ other
    directories. You want to check that things are where you think before running commands.
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