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Thread: New to Linux

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    New to Linux

    ----------- Yes - I Am A Newbie _______
    I will try and not make this too long, however I make no promises.
    I've been reading thru the posts and see that there are alot of people out there with ways of correcting issues. Here is my issue:
    I am completely new to Linux and Unix based / command type systems. I am quite proficient with Windows as this has been all I have ever used. I dont wish to give up Windows as this user friendly based system does quite well for me. I have though considered experimenting in the realm of wonder to see if it is anyway possible to set up a Linux system, which runs Windows XP Pro. I want Linux for A) security and B) to use as a homebased server to my Kids computers here at home. I want to be able to have them log on and setup from there system with out having to setup Windows XP on there system as I dont with to have to buy several more licenses.
    My first question: Is this possible.
    I would be using Mandrake 10.0
    Windows XP Pro Ver 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600.
    My system is Self Built with NvIidia 5200 FX
    MSI Motherboard, bios up to date.
    I am hardwired to a Linksys Router Running Cable.

    Kids Computers
    Running 10 gigs hard drive
    1 gig of mem
    Matrox Video Card
    Linksys Wireless Card G
    Pentium II based system.

    I want to be able to administer there computers with out having to get on the computer. I can build em, just cant seem to figure out the administering part. Im Looking for some step by step instruction on configuring Linux and Windows to be compatible with eachother - I dont want to Use linux as my everyday OS, but do wish to incorporate the stability and security it's known for when being used as a server based system. I know alot of business use Linux Server software with Windows XP OS's.
    Is this at all possible.

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    i think it should be possible, you would definetly need to set it up and make a massive samba share, im not sure 100% but sorry, but that could be a a pointer, look for thinks samba related

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