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    Added a Hard Drive now won't boot.

    I installed Mandrake 10.1 on a HD that was set as the only drive. I added a second drive and changed the first drive to Master and the second to slave. Now it won't boot.

    I removed the second drive and set the first one back to single drive. Now it will boot. Do I have to reinstall 10.1 with the new configuration or can I just edit a config file somewhere?

    Any help would be great.

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    do you stil get your bootloader? ie. does grub/lilo still come up, but you then get an error when trying to boot?

    Some thoughts, off the cuff,

    1. have you changed (within BIOS) the boot order (which could make what was your /dev/hda hard disk into a /dev/hdb etc.)?
    2. Do you even get that far, does your twin hard disk setup pass the POST check and let you verify the two hard disks in BIOS?
    3. I once (still do somewhere) had a hard disk that refused to be anything but sole disk on an IDE cable. So I ended up putting it on the second IDE cable, all by itself.

    Like I say, just thinking out loud here.


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    Yo usaid that you set one to master, the other to slave, but are they both on the same IDE channel (i.e. on the same cable)?

    You may be safer to use the CS (Cable select) settings on both hard drives and let the BIOS do the work. That would be the more standard way of doing things nowadays.


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    Maybe you would have to set up your boot loader and also your /etc/fstab to get it working with the other Disk.

    Even with the second Disk on the PC, you can access those files (/etc/fstab and boot loader's as well) booting from the first CD (rescue mode).


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