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  1. #1 2.0 Beta Installation Questions for Mandrake


    I want to install the RPMs for 2.0 Beta under Mandrake. The instructions seem relatively straightforward:

    Unpack the downloaded image into a directory. For example, currently, the following command would unpack into the current directory:

    tar xvzf Ooo_1.9.m79_native_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz
    # Su to root, if necessary.
    # cd into the directory with the unpacked image. This could be RPMS.
    # Delete any rpm files that do not apply to your system. For example, on a Fedora Core 3 system, delete any rpms specific to another distribution such as openofficeorg-suse-menus-1.9.79-1.noarch.rpm.
    # Then execute rpm -Uvih *rpm.

    The problem I'm having is that the tarball has a dozen or more RPMs. Some of these are obviously inapplicable for Mandrake (i.e. Redhat, Suse, etc.). However, of the dozen RPMs -- I'm too newbie to know which RPMs to delete. Can somebody help?



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    Ok, I have just done this my self. And must say that there has been a lot lof good job on OO2.0b

    Anyhow, the only RPM that you need to remove from the RPMS directory is the file openofficeorg-suse-menus-1.9.79-1.noarch.rpm
    Then you should be just fine installing all RPMS with rpm -Uvih *.rpm

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    Thank you very much. I looked everywhere trying to figure out what to do with this... I will try this tonight. I've used OOo 2.0 Beta under Windows and it is quite good... they did some great things here and I can't believe it is free!


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