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Thread: phone help

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    phone help

    i have a lg vx6000 cell phone that connects to my computer by usb. under windows i was able to use it as a dial up modem. any idea how i can do this under linux??

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    havn't tried this myself but:
    run these as root
    modprobe uhci       
    modprobe usbserial
    modprobe ftdi_sio
    modprobe cdc-acm
    if any come back with "module not found" you will need to get that module
    then plug in you're phone and start up you're favorate ppp client (eg kppp)
    and set the modem to be /dev/usb/ttyACM0 (zero).

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    tried that and none of them come back with module not found. i plugged in my phone and checked harddrake. there is no modem listed, but there is an unknown device. checked the details and got this:
    Vendor: ‎LG CDMA USB Modem

    Description: ‎Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM

    Media class: ‎Communications|Abstract (modem)|AT-commands (v.25ter)

    Bus: ‎USB

    Bus PCI #: ‎1

    PCI device #: ‎3

    Vendor ID: ‎4100

    Device ID: ‎24576

    Module: ‎cdc_acm

    where can i go from here??

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    that shouldn't matter
    its talking to it (got the vendor id and device id)
    its using the right module (cdc-acm)
    its just never herd of it before.

    so just follow normal modem setup using ttyACM0 instead of tty0.

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    2 questions now. if one of those modules was missing, then how do i add it? How do i setup my modem?? what is the command that i use??

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