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    smooth install - not

    I've been using pcs for a number of years and during this period have heard more and more about linux. After trying a knoppix cd version I thought I would invest in an OS that I could use on my new desktop, and become a full linux newbie.

    Hunting around reveiled that MDK 10.1 official was the way to go - or so I thought...

    Is it just that I've been unlucky with things or have other people suffered major hassles with this distro?

    All was going smooth until I got to the gui summary page. Then the machine hung. Tried to install a couple of time, still no joys. Something during this process then messed up my system so I couldnt boot into window. Time for an xp reinstall -something I could have done without.

    finally got an install complete messgae - using linux 3 as a boot option. During this period I found that my graphics card (radeon 300) was not supported. I have been told by suport that I need to config my system to use vesa. No issues here, just wished this wasnt tucked away in the small print somewhere.

    However my machine refuses to boot up. First it hung at the ALSA boot section. Support then told me how not to install this. Now it wont get past the sound card configuration process.

    And this distro is designed at newbies!!!!

    Anyway soz for my rant. I do want to use linux, just frustrated after all I have heard about ease of install.

    So my questions -

    1 - Have other people come across similar issues as myself (I've got a 6month old dell dimension 4700)?

    2 - Will there be support in the future for Radeon 300's.

    3 - Do other distros suport the radeon 300? Dell have been using this card for a while I believe so I cant believe that I'm the first who wants to run linux on it

    3 - During my install it never recognised that I had a epsom c86 printer. Can these run via MDK?

    Thanks for your responses.

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    Unfortunately the problem is a lack of decent drivers from ATI full stop. You can run it in Vesa as you said, problem is no 3d support. ATI have promised a decent driver which I believe is to arrive in April, so keep an eye on their site.

    As for the install process, were there issues aside from the graphics card? Or is that what you meant was fixed using Vesa mode?

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    I shall keep an eye on the ATI site - once I get things up and running.

    Current issues:

    I cannot actually get linux up and running.

    If I boot up I end up with the install falling over in one of 2 places (to date) - the ALSA section, or the sound card section. The machine just hangs and refuses to do anything. I then have to hit the power button

    I have logged an issue with MDK support but as yet I've not managed to resolve this...

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    One of the things about Linux is that it's always just a little behind when it comes to working on the latest equipment. Dell has been trading notes with M$ and ATI throughout the development of your box, but it may take Linux a little while to adjust. And if you think 10.1 is tough, count yourself lucky not to have tried 9.2.

    You may want to consider installing without sound support with the intention of adding that after the rest of the system is up. And if you liked Knoppix, maybe one of the experts here can tell you if maybe you can copy the video drivers that work in Knoppix and add them to your Mandrake.
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    Thanks for that.

    Once I get things up and running I may just ask that question...

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    Since it's hanging at the sound card configuration during the boot up... maybe you can run the install and when it gets to the hardware screen you can pick an option like no sound or something like that. It should boot up if that works, but you wouldn't have sound until you could find correct drivers for your card. That would sure be a pain. Might be less of a hassle to just stick with Windows for another 6 months and then give Linux another chance after it's had some time to catch up with the hardware on your computer. You COULD try a slightly newer release like Xandros 3. It's very user friendly and very pretty. Their website offers a bit torrent file for downloading the free circulation edition.

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