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    Shorewall.. er where is it and what can i do with it..

    I;m using Mandrake 8.1 and i'm exploring the use of shorewall as a network firewall and Apache as a webserver :-

    Proposed network architecture :-

    internet ---- modem (bridged mode) ---- shorewall/apache server -----> pc1----> pc2 (etc daisy chain)

    1) Can I run shorewall and apache on one Pentium 200MMX machine and have it adequately handle minimal hits (er.. very minimal)? Will the apache server be secure?

    2) To make sure the apache server is secure... can i run apache logge din as root then logout and log in as ordinary user? Is that what it means to have security?

    3) where is shorewall in mandrake? my mandrake's gnome isnt working so im doing everything from CLI....

    thanks if anyone could help get me started...

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    Apache is a Webserver, it is used for serving webpages to the outside world. I think you will need Squid in order to let the users see the internet.

    1. This PC is more than enough to act as a router for your network. The security depends on your configuration.

    2. Kind of. Set up the server as root and allow provision for normal user to connect to internet only.

    3. It can be found in the control center under internet settings.

    You might also want to install snort, this is an intrusion detection system and is very handy as it tells you who has been trying to access your computer. You can find snort at

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    thanks Alexk!

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